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PATC-Trainingskurs "High-performance computing with Python" @ JSC

12.06.2017 09:00 Uhr
13.06.2017 16:30 Uhr
JSC, Jülich

Python is being increasingly used in high-performance computing projects. It can be used either as a high-level interface to existing HPC applications and libraries, as embedded interpreter, or directly.

This course combines lectures and hands-on session. We will show how Python can be used on parallel architectures and how performance critical parts of the kernel can be optimized using various tools.

Using Python productively for parallel computing

  • Interactive parallel programming with IPython
  • Profiling and optimization
  • High-performance NumPy and SciPy, numba
  • Distributed-memory parallel programming with Python and MPI
  • Bindings to other programming languages and HPC libraries
  • Interfaces to GPUs

This course is aimed at scientists who wish to explore the productivity gains made possible by Python for HPC.

This course is a PRACE Advanced Training Centres (PATC) course.