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Dashboards for science (training course, online)

This course will take place on 3 days in May/June 2021 as an online event. The link to the streaming platform will be provided to the registrants only.


31 May 2021 10:00
11 Jun 2021 15:00


Oftentimes, we want to share the work we do with other people. This can be difficult, especially with people outside the community. A solution is to create dashboards from the data and share those instead. The user does not have to know anything about the code, but can interact with the data via plots, images and widgets such as dropdown menus, buttons or sliders.

In this course, you will learn how to create dashboards with Python. After the course, you will be able to create your own dashboards from your data and share them with the outside world.

Topics covered will include

  • Creating UI elements with widgets
  • Voilà dashboards
  • Voilà templates
  • Dash and Plotly
  • Which framework should you choose?

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Beginner's contents:4 h33 %
Intermediate contents:8 h67 %
Advanced contents:0 h0 %
Community-targeted contents:0 h0 %