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Using the supercomputers at JSC – a hands-on tutorial (training course, online)

This course will take place as an online event and is exclusively targeted for users of the Jülich supercomputers. The link to the streaming platform will be provided to the registrants only.

21 May 2021 09:00
21 May 2021 17:00


The aim of this course is to guide you while you take your first hands-on steps using the supercomputers at JSC. We will start by uploading credentials to the system and logging in for the first time, explain how to navigate the system and get your data and programs in place, and end by running your first small computations on a supercomputer.
Topics covered are:

  • JuDoor
  • Access via SSH
  • Unix basics
  • jutil
  • file system / environment
  • modules
  • compiling software
  • submitting jobs (cluster / booster)
  • Jupyter

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