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Chaos in Brain?

March 10-12, 1999
Gustav-Stresemann Institute, Bonn, Germany

Scope of the Workshop

During the last years chaos theory has been repeatedly applied to a variety of brain electromagnetic signals. Especially in pathological states like epilepsy nonlinear time series analysis has provided valuable insights and promises to be important for clinical use. Despite wide interest from other neuroscience disciplines many potential users of nonlinear time series analysis are not sufficiently familiar with nonlinear methods of data analysis. In contrast, scientists developing new concepts and algorithms for time series analysis often lack the necessary neuroscientific and medical knowledge.

The main emphasis of this interdisciplinary workshop was to bring together different physical and neuroscientific expertise to guarantee successful applications of nonlinear time series methods to brain dynamics. Lectures given by invited speakers discussed physical, neuroscientific and medical topics, recent developments, or the data analysis of particular brain dynamics. Participants presented their own research fields in poster sessions.

134 people from 10 different countries took part in this workshop.


Peter Grassberger, Jülich, Germany
Klaus Lehnertz, Bonn, Germany
Christian E. Elger, Bonn, Germany