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Dynamics of First Order Phase Transitions

June 1-3, 1992
HLRZ, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany

Particle physics and statistical physics have many common interests these days, which is particularly evident in the field of computational physics.

This years workshop is devoted to the discussion of first order phase transitions. Many of the phase transitions of interest to particle physics, in particular the electroweak and deconfining phase transitions in the early universe, are expected to be first order transitions. First attempts have been undertaken to derive dynamical properties of these transitions from Monte Carlo simulations of lattice regularized field therories. For particle physicists these are first steps away from conventional studies of equilibrium thermodynamics. It is obvious that particle physicists still can learn much from statistical physics in this area. Also in statistical physics the various stages of nucleation as well as the dynamics of spinodial decomposit ion still pose outstanding unsolved questions.

Also the recently made advances in the numerical simulation of first order transitions as well as the analytic understanding of finite size effects in the vicinity of the transition point were central topics of this workshop.

Organizing Committee:

H.J. Herrmann, HLRZ
W. Janke, HLRZ
F. Karsch, HLRZ


A book containing all contributions is available from the publisher World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., ISBN 9810212607.