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Past workshops and conferences

2020: NIC Symposium 2020
2018: NIC Symposium 2018
2016: NIC Symposium 2016
2014: Workshop Force Fields 2014
2014: NIC Symposium 2014
2013: Workshop on Hybrid Particle-Continuum Methods in Computational Materials Physics (HYBRID 2013)
2012: NIC Symposium 2012
2011: Workshop "From Computational Biophysics to Systems Biology 2011" (CBSB'11)
2010: NIC Symposium 2010
2009: Festkolloquium "Horst Rollnik und die computergestützten Wissenschaften"
2008: NIC Workshop: From Computational Biophysics to Systems Biology 2008 (CBSB'08)
2008: NIC Symposium 2008
2007: NIC Workshop: From Computational Biophysics to Systems Biology 2007 (CBSB'07)
2007: Colloquium: 20 Years John von Neumann Institute for Computing/HLRZ, 50th Anniversary of John von Neumann's Death
2006: Workshop "Jülich BG/L Scaling Workshop"
2006: NIC Workshop "From Computational Biophysics to Systems Biology" (CBSB'06)
2006: NIC Symposium 2006
2006: NIC Winter School: "Computational Nanoscience: Do it yourself!"
2006: NIC Workshop: "Strengthening Computational Science in Europe"
2005: NIC Workshop "Computational and Technological Challenges of LOFAR"
2005: Workshop "Fast Algorithms for Long-Range Interactions"
2004: Workshop "Capability Computing with Blue Gene/L"
2004: Winter School "Computational Soft Matter: From Synthetic Polymers to Proteins"
2004: NIC Symposium 2004
2002: Workshop on Light Quark Phenomenology and Kaon Physics
2002: APE Tutorial@DESY Zeuthen
2002: Winter School "Quantum Simulations of Complex Many-Body Systems: From Theory to Algorithms"
2001: NIC Symposium 2001
2001: Symposium "LATTICE 2001"
2001: Symposium "Neue Trends in DMRG"
2000: Winter School "Modern Methods and Algorithms of Quantum Chemistry"
1999: Interdisziplinärer Workshop "Numerical Challenges in Lattice QCD"
1999: Interdisciplinary Workshop: "Chaos in Brain ?"
1999: NIC Workshop: Molecular Dynamics on Parallel Computers
1998: HLRZ-Workshop on QCD in Heavy Quark Systems
1998: Conference: Höchstleistungsrechnen in der Chemie
1997: Monte Carlo Approach to Biopolymers and Protein Folding
1996: Friction, Arching, Contact Dynamics
1996: Summer School "Partielle Differentialgleichungen, Numerik und Anwendungen"
1996: Mini-workshop on Accelerating Fermion Algorithms at HLRZ Jülich
1995: Traffic and Granular Flow
1995: Scientific Challenges in Parallel Computing
1994: Supercomputing in Brain Research: From Tomography to Neural Networks
1993: Large Scale Computational Physics on Massively Parallel Computers
1992: Dynamics of First Order Phase Transitions
1991: Fermion Algorithms
1990: Chemie am HLRZ
1990: Physics at HLRZ