NIC Excellence Project May 2020

The NIC Peer Review Board regularly awards the title “NIC Excellence Project” to outstanding simulation projects. At its April meeting, the board decided to honour Prof. Ulf-G. Meißner (University of Bonn and Forschungszentrum Jülich) for his project “Nuclear Lattice Simulations”. Atomic nuclei make up the majority of the matter around us. These strongly interacting systems are made up of protons and neutrons. The aim of Meißner’s project is to gain a deeper understanding of the many remarkable phenomena in nuclear physics. This includes element formation in stars, the limits of the stability of atomic nuclei, the occurrence of substructures (alpha clustering), the thermodynamics of hot and dense core matter and the calculation of the corresponding equation of state. For more details, see (in German).

Contact: Dr. Alexander Trautmann,

from JSC News No. 272, 18 May 2020

Last Modified: 11.03.2022