Gradual Decommissioning of the JURECA Cluster

In late autumn, the JURECA Cluster module will have reached five years of successful operation and is scheduled for decommissioning at the end of November. The technical details about the successor system, the JURECA Data Centric module, – JURECA-DC for short – will be announced soon. Due to space and power constraints, the installation of the successor system cannot be overlapped with the production of the full JURECA Cluster. Therefore, the decommissioning of the JURECA Cluster and the start of production on the JURECA DC module will take place in the following three major stages:

(1) Half of the JURECA Cluster will be shut off in the first weeks of July, tentatively scheduled for 13 July 2020. The batch partition will shrink in size. The available GPU nodes will not be affected. The large-memory partitions (nodes with 256 GB and 512 GB main memory) cannot be offered from then on. Moreover, the visualization partition including the visualization login nodes will be decommissioned at this point.

(2) The first phase of the JURECA DC module will be installed by the end of November and production will switch to the new system in early December.

(3) The second phase of the JURECA DC module will be installed in late 2020/early 2021 with scheduled availability within the first quarter of 2021.

The JURECA Booster module is not directly affected by the replacement but extended maintenance slots will be required due to the tight coupling with the JURECA Cluster.

JSC will inform all JURECA users about more details concerning time schedule, required downtimes, and migration of projects to the new system as soon as possible.

Contact: Dr. Dorian Krause,

from JSC News No. 273, 24 June 2020

Last Modified: 11.03.2022