Porting & Tuning Workshops for JUWELS Booster Module

With the JUWELS Booster module now in service at JSC, users are encouraged to take advantage of two workshops early next year dedicated to porting and tuning HPC application codes for its quad NVIDIA A100 GPU compute nodes.

The first workshop will be the JUWELS Booster Porting Workshop, which begins with a full-day colloquium on 20 January 2021 reviewing the successes and experiences gained from the JUWELS Booster Early Access Programme. The next two days (21-22 January) will focus on GPU programming for neophytes (with parallel applications not yet exploiting GPU accelerators) followed by two days (25-26 January) dedicated to more experienced GPU application developers needing to adapt their codes to multi-node/multi-GPU execution on the JUWELS Booster module. When registering, please specify which aspect(s) of the workshop you are interested in. For detailed information, please visit https://fz-juelich.de/ias/jsc/2021/jwb-porting.

The second workshop will be the 38th VI-HPS Tuning Workshop organized by JSC and RWTH Aachen University from 8-12 February 2021. It is dedicated to performance analysis and the optimization of multi-node/multi-GPU application codes executed on the JUWELS Booster module. Application teams with such codes from the porting workshop will be prioritized. Detailed information can be found at https://www.vi-hps.org/training/tws/tw38.html.

Both workshops emphasise hands-on work with small teams of application developers coached by expert instructors assisted by JSC support staff. They will be online training events, requiring separate registrations for those interested in both workshops.

Contact: Dr. Brian Wylie, b.wylie@fz-juelich.de

from JSC News No. 277, 9 December 2020

Last Modified: 11.03.2022